Tips on going to the drive-in theater.


There are probably a good number of people out there who have never been to a drive-in theater. I decided to create this little section to help those who are planning to make their first trip to the drive-in theater. It may also serve as a list of reminders for those who plan on making a return trip.


  1. Window cleaner and a roll of paper towels. Well, this is Wisconsin and bugs are bound to splatter against your windshield on the way to the theater. I doubt that you want to watch movies through that June bug that ran into your windshield at 60 miles an hour. They're really messy…


  1. Blankets: Yep, our summers are warm, but it can get cool at night. You probably don't want to run your car for the four hours that you're sitting watching movies.


  1. Bug spray: Because they ALL didn't die against your windshield on the way there, their bound to pester you while you are there watching movies. Most will leave you alone, but those bloodthirsty mosquitoes just won't go away. Some theaters still sell PIC, the little spiral coil that you burn to keep the bugs away.


  1. Lawn chairs: Maybe you don't want to sit in the car, but instead in front of the family car. If you go this route, make sure you check item 5.


  1. Headphones or a boom box: This should go with item 4, otherwise how would you hear the sound from the movies. Make sure you have good batteries in them, who wants the sound to cut out at the good part of the movie.


  1. Jumper cables. Some people either have weak car batteries or they turn the ignition to the wrong position. Keep the cables along in case your battery goes dead, or maybe someone else's does and they need some help. Take note of number 7.


  1. Be careful when turning on your car radio. Almost every time I go to the drive-in, I see someone with a dead battery after watching the movies. Use the following diagram (Figure 1) to know what position to turn your ignition switch to:


Figure 1.



  1. When you enter the drive-in theater, turn your lights off. If you get there after the movie starts, your headlights shining on the screen are very annoying.


If you have a car with daytime running lights, in many cases, they can be disabled while you are at the drive-in by applying your parking brake while the car is off, and then you can start the car without the headlights shining on the screen.


  1. Avoid hitting your brake pedal when you are parked at the theater. Brake lights are very bright and can annoy those who are parked behind you.


  1. If you drive a large vehicle, don't park in the front rows. Vans, SUV's, and trucks can obstruct the view of people farther back.


  1. Do not shine flashlights or laser pointers on the screen while the movies are playing. This annoys people and can get you thrown out of the theater. You could also accidentally shine the light in someone's face and laser light can easily damage eyesight.


  1. If you are at a drive-in theater that still has car speakers, remember to hang the speaker back on the post before you leave. Leaving with a speaker still attached to your car window can rip the speaker from the post. But they also have very strong cables on them and it can rip the window out of your car.


  1. At multiplexes, don't change screens after the movie has started or between features. This can be very dangerous because it is dark in the theater grounds and there are bound to be people walking around and kids running around.


  1. No alcohol in the drive-in theater. Sorry, these are not drinking establishments.  (Some drive-ins are an exception to this rule.  Please observe the rules of each drive-in in regards to alcohol.DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE!!


  1. Don't leave a mess when you leave. Just like the indoor theaters, take your junk to the trashcans around the theater or take it home with you and dump it out there.


  1. When you enter, move around in, or leave the drive-in theater, keep your speed down. There will be plenty of people moving around on foot and you don't want to run anyone over.


  1.  If you have parked in the front row, do NOT drive forward across that part of the drive-in to leave.  Many patrons of the drive-in like to lay in the grass in front of the screen and you may not see them when leaving.


Following these items and rules will make for a safe and fun visit to the drive-in theater for everyone to enjoy!



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