Sparta Hwy 16 Drive-in



This theater is located by the Hwy 16 / Interstate 90 interchange. This theater's screen kind of looks like a big box. The entire structure is fully enclosed with wood. The parking lot is mostly grass and is in nice shape. The theater was re-opened in the past couple of years and the owner says that business is doing good. The movies that I saw were The Parent Trap and Small Soldiers. They use FM broadcast on 88.5 FM for their movie sounds. Admission is $6 for adults, $3 for children.

Update: The Sparta Hwy 16 Drive-in is closed. The land has been sold to become an industrial park. A sad loss…


Backside of the screen


The screen, ticket booth, and projection / concession building


Ticket booth


The screen and playground sets with one panel missing from the screen


Projection / concession building (mobile home behind building is recent addition)


The old marquis (background) and exit sign (foreground)


Advertisement from June 13, 1977

Some tickets from the old Highway 16


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