St Croix Hilltop drive-in



The St. Croix Hilltop drive-in is located on St 35-64 about 3/4 miles from the bridge to Stillwater, MN. The theater is still standing but in need of much work. The theater has been closed since 1990 or 1991, and is now used for Sunday church services. The sign on the fence reads "Drive-in Worship". The concession stand is about 100 feet behind the small projection stand. The ticket booth is still standing as well. With some work and money, this theater could be re-opened, and rumor has it that the theater is for sale, but there are no signs to confirm that. The screen appears to be a mostly wood construction, both front and back, probably over a metal frame.


The screen surrounded by trees


The projection building (foreground), and the concession stand (background)


Backside of the big screen


Newspaper ad from August 21, 1968


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