Green Bay's Two Drive-ins



Green Bay East


This theater is completely gone, newer building construction as erased all traces of this theater. It was located at 1680 Cass street on the east side of Green Bay.


Newspaper ad from August 1960


Valley Outdoor Drive-in

Green Bay West


This theater is just an empty lot. Half of the parking ramps have been erased by newer apartment buildings on the west side of the old theater. On the east side of the theater, the ramps are still visible in the overgrowth. The marquis is still standing, but nothing else remains. There is an air photograph of Green Bay taken in 1990 in the Brown County Library. The Valley Outdoor Theater is visible in this photo. The projection building can be seen in the photo, but it is difficult to see if the screen is still standing. The arrangement of the car ramps can be seen clearly in the photo.

The old marquis


The overgrown car ramps are somewhat visible in this photo


Newspaper from August 1968