Chilton Twilight Outdoor


Chilton, Wisconsin



Phone:  (920) 849-9565



This new drive-in theater opened in 2011 and is something rather unique.  Over the years, many drive-in theaters have been torn down and replaced with Wal-Mart stores.  However, this one is different.  The drive-in used to be a Wal-Mart store, and has been converted into a drive-in theater.  Wal-Mart moved to a new location in another part of town, and sold the old store.


The main entrance is the game room, with the former service desk being the concession stand.  The rest of the former store is walled off and is used as a warehouse.  All images below were taken within a few days after the drive-in opened.  Not everything was quite finished at that time.


August 24, 2011:  Made a stop here to see “Zoo Keeper” and “Cowboys and Aliens”.  Weather was nice, if a bit breezy.



Pictures from the drive-in (click on image for larger view):




Entrance signs



Screen from behind projection booth, Screen from entrance, and Screen view from road.



Underneath the screen tower, full view of the Screen, and from across the lot.



Inside the concession area, front of building, and full view of building with projection building in front.



Chilton water tower close by, former Wal-Mart sign to become Marquee, and front of Projection building.




Google Earth View