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A brand new drive-in theater is being built in Freedom, Wisconsin. The theater will be located on the south side of town on Highway 55. Some of the landscaping is done, the foundation for the projection / concession stand is poured, the marquee is up, and the base of the screen tower is up. The concession building will have a recreation area including an arcade. The plan is to have the building available for year round use.

There will be outdoor seating locations beneath the screen with speakers for sound for the patrons who use that area. The screen is a brand new Selby screen over 90 feet wide.

July 4, 2003:  Grand opening night!  The weather turned out great!  Clear skies and the moon was out.  Features for opening night were "Finding Nemo" and "Bruce Almighty".  There was a big crowd on hand and I met some nice people that I had previously talked with by e-mail.  Excellent food and the only drive-in to serve beer.

July 3, 2004:  It was classic movie night and beautiful weather.  The first feature was E.T. followed by Grease.  Hopefully the weather will hold out this year and this drive-in will stay open through Halloween.  It sounds like he’s planning a Halloween movie marathon.

July 1, 2005:  The place was PACKED!   Huge line getting in to the theater.  Excellent weather and two good movies:  “Madagascar” and “Longest Yard”.  Didn’t make it back a second time due to a major storm caused heavy damage to the screen closing the theater early in the 2005 season.

Grand Opening:  July 4th, 2003!

Wisconsin's Newest Drive-in Theater!

The brand new marquee


Base of the screen going up


Foundation visible in the distance


Where Field of Scenes is located. Only a few minutes from Green Bay or the Fox Cities.


Front and back of the tickets.

How to reach the Field of Scenes by phone:

(920) 788-1935


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