Skyway Drive-in

Fish Creek

50th anniversary is July 26 of 2000!

The Skyway Drive-in theater is a small, but very nice drive-in located near Fish Creek in Door County. I made it up to this one a couple of years ago to see "Independence Day" and "The truth about Cats and Dogs". You have a choice of FM radio and the original window speakers! One of the local TV stations, channel 26, interviewed the owner last summer. He said that as long as they keep making movies, and people keep coming to Door County, the Skyway will remain open.

This theater is in excellent condition. There are reclined benches at the base of the screen and speakers mounted on poles just behind them for people to relax outside of their cars. There are swings and slides for the kids to play on near the bottom of the screen. If you get the chance to go to Door County, check this fine theater out. They also have T-shirts for sale at the concession stand.

June 11, 1999: Got to see "Entrapment" and "The Matrix" at the Skyway. There was a thunderstorm passing through the area around the time that the first movie started, providing a good light show and a few sprinkles. But it turned out to be a nice night for movie watching.

May 20, 2000: Movies for the evening were "Frequency" and "Where The Heart Is". Good crowd for the evening. This year is the 50th anniversary of the Skyway Drive-in theater. The Skyway originally opened in July of 1950.

August 26, 2000: Beautiful star-lit night and quite a crowd. Features of the evening were "Nutty Professor 2: The Klumps" and "What Lies Beneath".

July 27, 2001: It was an excellent night and the features were "Planet of the Apes" and "Doctor Dolittle 2". Huge crowd and fantastic weather.

August 17, 2001: Another nice night and the theater was packed. Movies were "Legally Blonde" and "Jurassic Park III".

July 27, 2002: The weather turned out nice, a big crowd, and "Men in Black 2" and "Changing Lanes".

September 13, 2002: Another nice late summer night for movies. Features were "XXX" and "Signs".

August 23, 2003:  Very busy night at the drive-in and two excellent movies!  "S.W.A.T." and "Pirates of the Caribbean".  New lamp makes for an excellent picture quality.

August 27, 2004:  Great night for movies, and the two features were “The Village” and “King Arthur”.

August 5, 2005:  Arrived kind of late and sat in one of the back rows, but the night was nice and the movies were “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” and “Must Love Dogs”.


The entrance road leading up to the ticket boot and main gate.


The exit road, with the screen visible behind the trees, and the marquis.


More recent picture of the marquis.


The screen with swing sets and a slide for the kids to play on.


Benches are available for watching movies near the bottom of the screen. Car speakers are mounted on poles right behind the benches for sound.


There's a small farm nearby.


The Skyway's advertisement and it's a postcard!


Grand opening ad from July 26, 1950


Newspaper ad from July 1968


How to find the Skyway Drive-in


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