Melody 49



 This drive-in is located north west of Dayton on Hwy 49 north of I-70.  It has two screens with screen two being slightly smaller than screen one.  Big parking area with paved roads between the ramps.  Large concession stand with plenty of food selection.  The film image is projected to screen two through a series of mirrors, but still results in a clear picture.



April 14, 2006:  Stormy night kept a lot of people away, but a light rain did not keep the movies from going on.  Features for the night were “Bench Warmers” and “Ice Age 2:  The Meltdown”.



South side of Marquee


North side of Marquee


Ticket booths


Concession stand and screen #2


Entrance road with screen #2


Screen #1


Screen #1 and concession stand


Inside the concession stand


Another shot inside the concession stand