This drive-in is located on the north side of Dayton across the road from Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.  It’s on Hwy 235 between Hwy 4 and Hwy 444 on the north side of the road.  It’s a bit smaller than the other two in the area having only one screen.  Nice drive-in with a classic Simplex speaker in the stand for sound.  Owned by the same company as the Melody 49 drive-in.  Oh, and please do not play with the fan…



April 17, 2006:  Being a Sunday night and a few sprinkles in the air, there were only a handful of cars.  Features for the night were “Scary Movie 4” and “Inside Man”.



East side of the Marquee


Entrance Road and Ticket Booth


Concession stand and screen


Marquee and backside of screen


Inside the concession stand.  Friendly staff is there to help.