Hello all you laser game collectors (and all other arcade collectors for that matter, actually x-y collectors are pretty cool… mind you my sister was once bitten by a moose.). Your friendly neighborhood search engine has brought you to Mike Treu’s laserdisc ‘Encyclopedia’. This is not a fancy laserdisc website, but is simply a free downloadable Word document pasted on a cordoned off, sliver, of Andy Hilbert’s Drive-In Website. Andy can officially call himself a webhost! Be sure to check out his page before you leave, it’s honestly worth the visit www.execpc.com/~andyhil

‘Why don’t you have a cool site?’, you really want to ask me. I have nothing against the flashy lasergame websites (not including their owners) - I simply don’t have time for one. I shoot for concentrated information, not glitz. In other words, if you are looking for a one of a kind, scanned piece of Dragon’s Lair artwork, go to the website. If you are looking for new Dragon’s Lair software that includes the scene of Dirk taking a dump (and tells you frame by frame how long each scene lasts… yaaaaaawn… sorry, you almost lost me), go to a website. This type of stuff doesn’t mean too much to me. Is it neat? Sure. Did I used to feel knots in my stomach thinking about how it would be cool to have that cocktail napkin with the original Daphne scribbled on it? Sure. Then I got old and learned to let it go. What I realized is this – 99.9% of the people out there don’t care about games, and the few that do see your rare stuff and go ‘hmmm, that’s neat’ and move on. If it is out of my price range, then it doesn’t mean much to me and I no longer lose sleep over it. With the prices of anything laserdisc related these days on e-bay, I have given up on hoping for getting the prototype motherboards or disc’s running in my basement. It’s a shame to find them in the hands of people technically incapable of wiring them up and/or repairing them; oh well. I have three pieces of advice to those clinging onto stuff like this:

  1. You can’t play a flyer irregardless of how much you paid for it (think about this one…).
  2. Whatever you think you have, you have to sell it before it’s worth anything.
  3. You will die with your rare stuff… unplayed.

I’m sure I’ll catch some flak for what I am printing, but remember, it’s only my opinion.

I won’t get long winded here. If you want to know about laser games, grab my MT3.DOC laser game encyclopedia. It’s not a bunch of broken up pieces like HTML in a website. You don’t have to spend a bzillion hours trying to print the page without cutting off any information; sifting through garbage you don’t care about; or wait for each page to download. It won’t eat up a color ink cartridge because of a puce background. One download and you get it all; in Word; formatted to however you like it. No attached .XLS, .JPG, .MPEG, .PPT, .GARBAGE, nothing. I do have to warn you, you will kill a blank ink cartridge printing it, as it’s over 80 pages in it’s current font size. No way around it, that’s honestly how much ‘concentrated’ laser info I have gathered! Shrink the font if you are cheap.

Different from those lasergame websites out there, I have personally accomplished everything in my documents. I have not ripped off information from other people (without their permission, as has been done to me). If you are looking for information on Gold Medal with Bruce Jenner, I won’t have too much on it, since I don’t have anything for it. I have unfortunately had a ‘falling out’ with just about every ‘Mr. Lasergame’ person out there; and believe me, they definitely have their idiosyncrasies! I personally got tired of dealing with their oddities and ducked out of the limelight (what little limelight I had found since I started collecting that is). Besides, they pumped me for information a loooong time ago and offered absolutely nothing back.

Me, I am an electronics engineer. I have the ability to fix things instead of paying someone else to do it. I don’t have too much that doesn’t work, besides stuff that was too far-gone when I got it. I have a handful of cabinets in my basement that I wire games into just for the sake of playing them. Sure, I have the keepers (Dragon’s Lair, Dragon’s Lair 2, Badlands, Cube Quest, etc.); but other laser games are just not as fun to me, and don’t constitute me lugging a 350 lb. Cabinet through my house and down a flight of steps.

If you want to e-mail me about anything technical mtreu@sbcglobal.net

Do not e-mail me asking if I have anything for sale. I currently do not need the money bad enough to part with anything laser related.

Without further ado…

…the file: MT3.DOC


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