Now on DVD!


For everybody who asked me about finding the old intermission clips from the drive-ins, your requests have been answered! Recently, while shopping for new DVD's, I ran across a special DVD. It's called "Drive-In Discs Volume 1". It features the movies "The Screaming Skull" (1958, B&W), and "The Giant Leeches" (1960, B&W).

Plus! It also includes the following:

10 minute intermission clock with the dancing food (which is shown at several of Wisconsin's drive-ins)

"Chilly Dilly" Pickle ad

"Let's all go to the lobby"

Several other promotional ads

And two cartoons: Popeye and Betty Boop


I found this disc at Best Buy, but I'm sure it's available elsewhere and on the internet.


Check this out if you get the chance! It's great!


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